The Rega RS-10’s have been designed to integrate perfectly into any system. Initially designed to complete our reference range, the RS10’s provide the perfect partner for the Isis CD player, Osiris amplifier and RP10 turntable.

The RS-10 loudspeaker system offers the user the ability to adjust its performance to suit different locations via our ‘environment match’ adjustment feature.We have pioneered the integration of a BMR unit with the unique Rega ‘dual driver bass system’ and a completely new and exclusive Rega designed tweeter to create a very special and unique loudspeaker which offers unparalleled levels of control balance and dynamics.

RS5 Loudspeaker 

The RS5 is a medium sized, floor standing loudspeaker system delivering exceptional bass response, natural mid-range performance and an expansive sound stage. The RS5’s are easy to drive and work extremely well in any room size.

Incorporating our own hand assembled, high frequency unit and dedicated side firing 7” bass driver with a sealed mid-section and a ‘comb’ filter working together with a precisely tuned port, the RS5 delivers excellent timing and a full dynamic range.

RS1 Loudspeaker 

The multi award winning RS1 loudspeaker offers exceptional sound quality and value for money. Its accurate low frequency and very even, extended high quality treble,  generate a well-balanced and enjoyable performance. These attributes set the RS1 apart from the competition, producing an extremely versatile, dynamic and musical sound.

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